A Warm Welcome to the Mind Body Bedtime Blog

Get ready to be showered with inspiration for creating a peaceful connection with your kids at bedtime.

What’s my message?

That kids of all ages need connection and loving touch to be emotionally, socially and physically healthy.  

That a few moments of connection with you at the end of the day can soothe them into restful sleep, at the same time that it:

Supports their physical health

  • Models mind -body awareness,

  • Supports positive and creative problem solving

  • Shapes the brain to seek out peace, connection, acceptance, love.

  • Helps your kids feel happy and relaxed

  • Makes YOU feel happy and relaxed

All that?


As a massage therapist and former daycare director, I love to combine  insights about how the power of touch, mindfulness combined with positive imagination, and gentle play can benefit your life,, your kids life and strengthen the connection between you.

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Looking forward to meeting you!