Is Bedtime Driving You Crazy? Try this!


Long days? Not sure if you have anything "left in the tank" for bedtime routines? 
Take a deep breath and read on for encouragement.

Imagnine that you and your child are cars. Depending on the day, perhaps you feel like a cute, little, zippy car, or a big, old SUV, a pick- up truck or a rattly old tin can. What kind of car are you feeling like? 

As you drive through your life, your car fills up with experiences. The trunk, then the backseat, slowly the floor spaces and glove box fill up with moments from your day: happy, meaningful and thrilling moments, or sad frustrating and depleting ones. All of them are filling your space, bouncing around into each other like over-filled grocery bags, toys, and granola bar wrappers. 

While YOUR car is being filled with YOUR experiences - your kiddos have their OWN CARS filling up with their OWN experiences. Whoa. Right? It's a lot.

At the end of the day, you all come to park in the bedtime parking lot.

What do you do?
How do emply your cars?
How do you unpack your experiences and clear your space so sleep can happen?
Here are three tricks to clearing energy before bed so that you and your kids can have peaceful mind and peaceful sleeps.
Give your car a check up. 

Your car made it through the day successfully! And it carried all of your stuff around! Show it some love and appreciation for a job well done.
Thank the wheels, the body, the brakes and the gas pedal. 

Your own body takes in so much information through your senses. It's amazing and miraculous that it can process every moment of the day while keeping your heart beating and your lungs pumping and your arms and legs moving. You might feel tied and sore, your kiddo might have aches and pains, but here you are together, still alive! Let yourself feel grateful for this. Take a few deep breaths together and thank your body parts!

Pick out a favorite item from your car.

Appreciate a joyful moment from the day. Maybe you gave yourself a treat. Maybe you offered or received a compliment. Maybe your kiddo learned a new skill or shared a meaningful moment with you. 

Choose one good thing from your car's collection, and let your mind rest on it for 20 seconds. Appreciate yourself, your actions, your strengths, your child’s strengths, efforts or delights. Where do you feel that happiness in your body? 

MIRACLE: As you focus on the positive things in your car, the negative things automatically begin to disappear. Your car starts to clear itself out!

Research shows that negative experienes tend to stick in our brains, and positive experiences flow through and are more easily forgotten.  Working for just a few moments to let positive experiences sink in, and land in our bodies, rewire our brains to feel happier, more rested, clear and connected.
Send your car through the car wash.
Make a game out of intentionally cleaning your car.
Do something with your body that is cleansing. Bounce up and down, shake your arms and legs...OR...Pretend to send yourself through the car wash! Imagine rotating scrub brushes, soapy spray, and shiny wax washing away the day and leaving you clean and sparkly.

Positive playful energy is contagious. When you are present in a fun game, your children respond. Kids LOVE to have playful body experiences and if you can join them for just a few minutes, your kids will begin to feel grounded, safe, and connected, creating the perfect conditions for falling asleep FASTER and more PEACEFULLY 

Try this out and let me know what works for you!

With love, magic, and peaceful bedtimes,