I love cake. Don't you?

cake pic for blog.jpg

Cake is the perfect treat …soft and sweet and rich…chocolate is my total fave.

For weeks, I have been wracking my brain, trying to find the right analogy for the many layers of wellness that Mind Body Bedtime brings to parents and kids. 
And then, after having cake instead of dinner last Tuesday night, (oops!) it came to me. Imagine my delight when I realized, mid bite, that my favorite dessert was a great analogy for my work! 
Mind Body Bedtime is like cake:
The top layer of Mind Body Bedtime practice is like the frosting.
It’s the fun part.
Its where the sprinkles… the cherries…the extra chocolate lives. 
It’s the intensely sweet part that hits your tongue right away. 
This is the sweetness of being connected with delight to the little creature in front of you: your child. Frosting moments are the moments that make you laugh, the moments that you “get each other.” It’s what makes parenting fun.
Underneath the frosting is the top cake layer. It's the substance-the part that fills you up.
This is the good feeling layer that comes when you realize that what you’re teaching your children is really good for them. This layer is the knowledge that practicing mindfulness, supporting the natural relaxation process, helping kids be aware of their bodies and their breath, boosts their self-confidence, their sense of self and their ability to be calm in stressful times. 
So good already, but there's more:

Under the first layer, you find an equally delicious base layer. Perhaps its the same flavor, or perhaps it has a different taste or texture.

This layer represents what Mind Body Bedtime practices do for you, as a parent. Relaxation skills are universal. They help everyone, and they can be powerful tools as you meet challenges in parenting. You can begin mindful practices for the sake of your child, but in doing so, you gain a sense of calm, peaceful connection with yourself, as well, that is essential when on the long road of parenting. 
Mind Body Bedtime skills are layered, delicious and a wonderful addition to your life.  (Just like cake!)  I hope you start today!

Upcoming events:

I’ll be presenting an informal workshop following the Cuddle Bugs playgroup at Gentle Parenting Madison, 6117 Monona Drive, Suite 4, Madison WI, at 11:30 am on April 2nd. This will be a conversation with parents of young kids (age zero-walking) about how to introduce mind body practices at the beginning of life. RSVP details to come...
if you’d rather stay in, or live too far away to visit in person, get a quick intro to Mind Body Bedtime principles and 10 great bedtime games, with my quick-read book , Mind Body Bedtime, Peaceful Games to Make Kids Sleepy. 

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With love and magic,