Custom Guided Meditation

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Custom Guided Meditation


A custom bedtime meditation created for your child might be the bedtime ticket you’re looking for. This unique, custom bedtime story will help your child feel safe, connected and loved, and will settle them into a restful sleep, night after night. As a parent, your bedtime struggles will be over! PLUS, you’ll feel proud and wise as you offer mind, body and brain tools that can benefit your child everyday.

After purchase, i’ll send you a survey to fill out about your child’s interests. Within 7 days of submitting the survey, you will receive an mp3 recording of a special meditation made just for your kiddo.

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Upon Purchase, I’ll send you an email with the Build Your own Meditation Kit PDF for download, as well as the Kid Shaped Meditation Series, in mp3 form.

The book, Mind Body Bedtime, Peaceful Games to Make Kids Sleepy, will be mailed within 24 hours.

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