Mind Body Bedtime Free Download


No matter what happened during the day,  you CAN STILL feel like the Amazing parent That you are...

Gentle bedtime routines can be hard to find at the end of the day. Days are filled with ups and downs, physically, mentally and emotionally.

A long day in today's world can make you feel:

  • Tired
  • Overwhelmed
  • Scattered
  • Disconnected
  • In need of escape

At the end of the day, bodies and minds can be exhausted, but restless.

Your Kid might 

  • Struggle to settle into bed
  • Have anxious thoughts
  • Have night time fears
  • Feel unexplained aches or pains
  • Have trouble calming down
  • Be clingy or have a high need to be close to you.

Gentle Play at Bedtime  can help you and your child transition with grace and joy from wide awake to relaxed and sleepy. 

How do you help your kid find the way from active to sleepy?

With these building blocks:

  • noticing surroundings,
  • sensing the body 
  • noticing breath,
  • creating positive imagery,

your kids learn to support their own sense of self, feel safe in the world, and connect to others with love.

Mind Body Bedtime skills will help you and your child create moments of magic, love and connection that bring your minds and bodies into a peaceful state. With practice, these moments can grow into longer moments…and even longer moments! They can become a quiet, trusted place in which to rest at the end of the day.

Practicing these games also trains your brain and body

  • to relax and reset,
  • to turn attention inward and away from the hustle of the day.
  • to self-soothe


You and your child will feel

  • Lower stress
  • Less anxiety
  • An increased sense of peace
  • Higher self confidence


As you try out these imagination games, you create magic! 

You come into the present moment and shape it peacefully and lovingly. Behind the scenes, you actively fuel and restore the brain and body. You gift your child with valuable resources for navigating life’s challenges.

Both you and your child will benefit from increased:

❖     Body Awareness

❖     Gratitude and Positive Thinking

❖     Connection to Another and to Nature

❖     Unconditional Love

❖     Creative Problem Solving

❖     Peaceful Breath

❖     Mindfulness.